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Three phase ssrs are intended to control three phase ac loads, which might otherwise be switched by electromechanical relays, contactors or three phase mercury relays or. Notably, three phase control relays are used to protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to faults on three phase systems. Distant control of ac relays, contactors, and starters. Distant control of ac relays, contactors and starters bulletin no. Rm35tf30 zelio, 3 phase supply control relay, range 220 to 480 vac, sequence, phase failure, phase imbalance, voltage.

Rm17tg20 phase control relay rm17t range 183484 v ac. Threephase monitoring relays measuring and monitoring. Advanced three phase control with nfc control relay. Zelio control phase control relays, selfpowered, model rm 84 873 version 3. B112 overload relays 3pole relays with screw clamp terminals these overload relays are designed for the protection of motors. Rm17tg20 schneider electric, phase monitoring relay. The undervoltage setting is adjustable from 75% to 100% of normal voltage. Single phase monitoring relays measuring and monitoring. The relays are available for either 1 phase or 3 phase applications and are able to measure the voltage, current, phase loss, phase. Would it kill a relay if i use a 1hp 220v 8a single phase motor to drive a bridge forward,its about 1200 lbs not that sure yet though hehe a relay used to energize any motor must be rated for motor duty.

Neither schneider electric industries sas nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be responsible or liable for misuse of the information contained herein. Automatic control of phase sequence and monitoring of phase and neutral voltages in mobile equipment like refrigerated containers, control and distribution panels and machines used on building sites and on service jobs. Abstract three phase solid state relays ssrs have been available since shortly after the introduction of single phase ssrs in 1970. With the relay connected directly to the motor, the total feed lines are monitored. The rm17tg20 from schneider is a zelio phase control relay. It must be capable of handling the motor inrush current. With a nonreversing starter interfacing phase failure relays with shunt trip circuit breakers phase failure relays are often used to control a shunt trip circuit breaker. Trip circuit supervision relay or trip coil supervision relay single phase circuit breaker, 2 contacts. Schneider electrics innovation summits are all about preparing you to lead in this era.

Rm17tg00 schneider electric phase monitoring relay with spdt. Tesys control and protection components chapterb11 technical data for designers b1121. They monitor simultaneous voltage dropsincreases and help to prevent damaged machinery and the injury of personnel. Square d type s contactors and starters the standard for flexibility, simplicity, and reliability.

The relay is ul listed with the appropriate socket see socket. Schneider electric alternating relay when selecting the alternating relay choose the. Rm17tg20 schneider electric phase monitoring relay. All three phase monitoring relays of the abb cm range detect a phase loss as soon as the voltage of one phase drops below 60 % of its nominal value. Shop zelio control 3phase control relay, 183528 v ac, 2 co, dpdt, din rail by square d schneider electric rm22tg20 at graybar, your trusted. Rm35tf30 multifunction phase control relay rm35t range 194528 v ac. Rm17tg00 schneider electric phase monitoring relay. This connection should not be used with reversing motors. Abbs cmmpsn three phase monitoring relays for rated voltage levels up to 820 v ac and 400 hz offer maximum flexibility and control. Compact smart relays with display, ac power supply supply voltage 24 vac 100240 vac number of inputsoutputs 12 20 10 12 20 20 number of inputs discrete inputs 8 12 6 8 12 12. Zelio control measurement relays schneider electric. Schneider electric electromechanical and solidstate zelio.

Eaton s d65 phase monitoring relays protect loads from voltage fault conditions. Zelio rm17 is a compact series of control relays which is easy to mount on a dinrail. Id like to receive news and commercial info from schneider electric and its. Protection relays guide overcurrent protections 6 micom p122 micom p123 overcurrent protection relay 3 phase functions.

Rm17tg20 modular 3phase supply control relay, 5 a, 2 co. Multifunction phase control relay rm35t range 194528 vac. The phase control relay monitors phase sequence, loss of one or more phases. Phase monitoring relay, sequence, failure, zelio series, spdt, 5 a, din rail, screw, 250 v. Characteristics multifunction phase control relay rm35t. Schneider zelio control relay for 3 phase detection of phase loss and. Phase reversal and presence of phases time delay rated mains supply voltage width in mm output relay catalog number weight lb kg none 220440 vac 5060 hz 0. Phase type price loss phase unbalance phase reversal under voltage 8430 mps yes yes yes yes phase failure and undervoltage relay the type mps is a socket mounted, voltage sensing phase failure relay.

With one app, you can configure settings and analyze a. Schneider electric commits itself to reducing the environmental impact of its products. Immunity for residential, commercial and lightindustrial environments conforming to eniec 661 immunity for industrial environments conforming to eniec 662. Phase monitoring relay, sequence, failure, asymmetry, zelio series, dpdt, 5 a, din rail, screw. Schneider electric phase monitoring relays product list at newark. Save time, money, and increase your efficiency with the new nfc control relay from schneider electric. Rm22tr33 modular 3phase control relay, 8 a, 2 co, 380. Schneider electric rm17tg series measurement and control relays for 3 phase supplies. Modular 3 phase supply control relay, 5 a, 2 co, 208.

Square d schneider electric rm22tg20 zelio control 3phase. The schneider electric alternator uses two spdt contacts to switch the load. Schneider electric rm17tu00 phase monitoring relay. Siemens 3rf22 301ac35 solid state relay, 45mm, 3 phase, 3 phase controlled, screw terminals, zeropoint switching, 48600v rated operational voltage, 30a type current, 430vdc rated control. Control solutions for the north american market data bulletin 8536db0901. Schneider electric relayaux reference schneider electric. Schneider zelio control relay for 3phase detection of. Schneider electric wall switch occupancy sensor fits in place of existing wall switches, connecting to existing active line and ground wiring similar to a typical wall switch. Schneider electric is an industry leader in iec contactors and overload relays, and is recognized as the market leader in quality, durability, and product development.

Ac14 a single phase control of electromagnetic loads control relays, power contactors, electromagnetic solenoid valves and electromagnets. The devices provide protection against phase loss, phase reversal, and phase unbalance due to blown fuses, broken wires or worn contacts. Id like to receive news and commercial info from schneider electric and its affiliates via electronic. Typical applications include 3 phase motors, moving 3 phase machines and equipment, overhead cranes, winches, lifts, goods lifts, escalators, travelators, pumps, fans, air extractors, mining excavators and conveyors. Phase sequence monitoring a change of the phase sequence during operation or an incorrect phase sequence that is applied at startup will cause a three phase motor to run with reverse rotation. Zelio control measurement relays steven engineering. Phase monitoring relay, zelio control rm35t series, dpdt, 5 a, din rail, screw, 250 v. Available for solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but also as step, stl, iges. Table of contents section 23 relays and timers rxm, p. However, users are unable to directly monitor and analyze the condition of their three phase systems except through the single led indicator of the relay output, which only implies if a fault has occurred. A wide variety of costeffective three phase monitoring relays are available with specialized functionality. Browse products from schneider electric ww in electrical for zelio control relays monitoring and control relays. How to gain advanced three phase control with nfc control. Rm4t three phase monitoring relays selection control relays.

Schneider electric lighting control steven engineering. Electrical zelio control relays schneider electric. Phase failure relays rm4u single phase, rm4t three phase. View all schneider electric relays people also bought. To assure long relay life, schneider electric has developed a low energy switch circuit to assure maximum contact life. Rm17tgp0 measurement and control relays are for monitoring of 3 phase supplies and the correct sequencing of phases l1, l2 and l3, as well as the total loss of one or more of these phases. Phase failure relays rm4u single phase, rm4t three phase refer to catalog 8430ct0001 a for additional contact ratings, refer to the catalog. Single phase monitoring relays voltage and current measuring abbs cm range offers a wide selection of powerful, compact devices for the monitoring of currents and voltages in single phase acdc systems. Zelio control measurement relays singlephase and dc. Adapted for industrial and building control panels true rms measurement that minimizes the possibility of unexpected trips from highly polluted networks except rm17tg and rm22tg diagnostic button to check the downstream circuit immediately and reduce.

Characteristics threephase control relay 183528vac, 2 c. Measuring and monitoring relays single and threephase. The control relay, which is used to pick up the starter or contactor at line. Pdf protective relays guide schneider xavier pastor.

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