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This book, alongside the star wars sourcebook, was later reissued by fantasy flight games as part of star wars. It is the exact same rulebook, with the exact same rules, and the exact same layout, only with all the star wars references replaced with metabarons references. Many of the first uses of star wars alien names such as the twilek, rodian, and quarren appeared for the first time in wegs star wars books. West end games star wars rpg is a fun, easytolearn system.

As an addendum, if you cant locate the star wars d6 book, try looking for the metabarons rpg. West end games managed to capture the spirit of the movies in a way that the prequels never did. Make offer star wars dark empire source book d6 rpg west end games hardcover great shape. Few books or games have had as enduring an impact upon the star wars galaxy and its fans as star wars. There are only really 3 official star wars systems. The star wars roleplaying game 2nd edition allows players and gamemasters to recreate the excitement and sweeping, epic scope of the movie franchise that inspired a generation.

Space combat in fact in general is slow and cumbersome. Star wars d6 rpg clone sourcebook sci fi by sandra issuu. Star wars roleplaying game core rulebook, saga edition. The star wars universe is brought to life by this roleplaying game, designed to allow players to emulate the lively universe of the films. The fantasy flight games are liked too, but are thought of as both overly complex and loosey. Star wars role playing games for sale in stock ebay.

Here im inclined to possibly chalk this up to mere force sensitivity and the possession of force points, as well as a high ratingnatural aptitude explained through the. That would be edge of the empire, the fantasy flight system. Opend6 was created by eric gibson, the owner of west end games, as the new standard for the d6 system a pen and paper roleplaying game which was used in such classic games as star wars d6, the ghostbusters rpg, and indiana jones d6. You roll a bunch of six sided dice against a target number, typically ranging from 5ish easy to 20 or even higher. I can now say that i have all star wars d6 2nd edition products ever published, as well as the 1st edition stuff that was not reproduced for 2nd edition in any form. In its core it is a dice pool system in which you roll a number of sixsided dice equal to the relevant attribute or skill and compare the total result to a difficulty level set by the gm. Its a universe building book, filling in details n. It is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, and best of all its free in various forms. Examining d6 force powers within the star wars canon. Star wars rpg d6saga the following page details the star wars campaign that i ran several years ago, using west end games star wars rpg. Sparks is an ongoing star wars roleplaying campaign based on the west end games d6 system and sponsored by game base 7. The tabletop rpg that kept star wars alive returns this year.

My previous post discussed the protod6 system as found in the ghostbusters rpg. The roleplaying game was originally published by west end games as a d6 product, enjoying many years of play before weg went bankrupt the d20 rebooted star wars roleplaying game originally came out around the time of the release of star wars episode i. Star wars roleplaying game wizards of the coast wikipedia. Get star wars d6 rpg clone sourcebook sci fi pdf file for free from our online library. Force lightning is not on this list at all, though other star wars rpg books have it should it be needed. With this game you can be everything from a brash young farmboy to a dedicated student of the force to a cocky smuggler, but it doesnt end there. Star wars d6 product listing rpgnet rpg game index. Make offer star wars shadows of the empire planets guide d6 rpg west end games great shape.

You get it all in just 7 minutes, so subscribe now. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Ill admit, upon first reading, that it is not as interesting as either star was sourcebook or my cover to cover readthrough of the 1e core rules. The roleplaying game 30th anniversary edition is a limited edition set of both books, printed with higher quality than the originals and packaged in a stylized slipcase. Jerry greyson actually ran a con game using it to do sw. As some of the earliest expanded universe works that werent in the technically happened but so shit you shouldnt remind people they exist bin, some of the concepts and characters. Its consistently rated as peoples favorite star wars system. They finally moved away from cramming the book full of images from the movies and went back to filling the book with rich, original. The tabletop rpg that kept star wars alive returns this. Star wars rpg book since the prerevised second edition d6 book. The d6 also doesnt quite explain the jedi reflexes mentioned above.

There were a lot of supplements and modules made for the system. From 1987 to 1998, west end games weg held the rights to publish star wars the roleplaying game along with a host of sourcebooks, supplements, and. Review of d6 star wars rpg products rpgnet rpg game index. You may be looking for the d20 system roleplaying game from wizards of the coast or the edge of the empire rpg from fantasy flight games. From 1987 to 1998, the pennsylvania based company west end games released official star wars roleplaying game sourcebooks, adventure supplements, guides, and the star wars adventure journal, all of which contained new stories set in the star wars universe, some as prose, but most as adventure scenarios for use in the game. Yes, i realize i may not be the only one on this board who has all these. Players may assume the roles of jedi, smugglers, imperials, or any of the many other factions that inhabit the beloved star wars galaxy. In fact, when the 1st edition of star wars rpg d6 version was written there were only the original three movies too. It contains rules and guidelines for gamemasters and players, character templates, tips on how to design adventures and an example adventure called rebel breakout.

The mechanics is the d6 system and it is the best star wars roleplaying game ever, namely because of its simplicity. The first book on the shelves and possibly one of the best. Star wars book star wars rpg pdf star wars rpj star wars rpg d star wars fr ffg star wars star wars d20 star wars d20 star wars pdf star wars dnd pdf d6 star wars d6 star wars pdf star wars d6 pdf fr star wars jdr star wars. The team of slightly obscured editors who have put together the star wars reup revisedexpandedupdated rules. West end games released official star wars roleplaying game sourcebooks. The classic rulebook and sourcebook from 1987 get a new paint job. The roleplaying game was published by west end games from 1987 until the company went bankrupt in 1998. Star wars imperial sourcebook ive been reading this off and on for a while. It helped set the stage for the expanded universe eu that was restarted in 1991 with timothy zahns thrawn trilogy. It should be reasonably good for this, as it was originally designed for the original star wars rpg from west end games i. The roleplaying game d6 book series by multiple authors includes books thrawn trilogy sourcebook star wars rpg, the official star wars adventure journal, vol. What would be later known as the d6 system gained its widest audience through star wars gaming.

Weg star wars book list star wars d6 discussion forum. Combining the best of over 15 years of d6 system design. D6 space is the 2nd product from the newly reborn west end games, and is a rulebook meant for playing spacescience fiction games using the d6 rules duh, i know. The system was the original star wars rpg released, prior even than the release of novels and many toys of star wars. Hera was recently featured in the idw comic star wars forces of destiny. The west end games books were the first publications to expand greatly beyond what was known from the. Hera can be found in current and future star wars comics. The mechanics in star wars the roleplaying game 1st edition are a successor to the system employed in wegs ghostbusters rpg. Why wegs star wars the roleplaying game 1st edition is my. Star wars rebel alliance sourcebook west end games.

There is also a pretty amazing allinone doc called star wars d6 essentials floating around the ether that pretty grand. West end games supplements and sourcebooks the star wars. I picked up the starships and speeders book for the star was rpg by fantasy flight games. This is the 1996 revised and expanded core rules for west end games d6 star wars.

These books were sent to timothy zahn as references when he started to develop grand admiral thrawn and his thrawn trilogy. The original star wars role playing game, by west end games, w. West end games managed to turn the lives of many star wars fans upside down from 1987 to 1998. The roleplaying game d6 book series by multiple authors includes books thrawn trilogy sourcebook star wars rpg, the official star wars. The first is the actual core rules for the star wars rpg and the second is the star wars sourcebook, which does include stats for the rpg but is mostly a sort of prototype of the star wars encyclopedias of the 90s or the modern day wookiepedia. The roleplaying game was published by west end games in october 1987. His goal was to make the d6 system more available and customizable to the fan base at large. Newer versions of this game cover the later movies, but they do not use the slick d6 system that this edition uses, although there. Because of this, people hate it and avoid it like the plague. I think star wars d6 by west end games still gets the most love as a system around these parts. During those years, west end games published an avalanche of star wars roleplaying game material such as sourcebooks, gamebooks, rpg adventures, miniatures, and even some cool board games.

The group, which has been running since gencon 1995, has around 100 members from many u. Indiana jones adventures 1996 men in black roleplaying game 1997 edit. As promised, my retrospective look at the star wars role playing game from west end games. The new d6 system roleplaying game series offers fans of one of the most popular cinematic systems a new way to get their favorite game. Star galleon escort carrier interdictor cruiser strike cruiser abolisher cruiser liberator cruiser torpedo sphere super star destroyer class cruiser modular taskforce cruiser vibre assault cruiser enforcer picket cruiser broadsword heavy troop transport 197. This list also includes professionallyproduced pdf continuations of the d6 west end. Save this book to read star wars d6 rpg clone sourcebook sci fi pdf ebook at our online library. A clear and concise rule book with well planned flow of phase after phase step by step combat and skill check system. The rpg is excellent and manages to really get at the heart of what makes star wars fun.

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