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Bassai dai as well as jitte also teach a certain power that can be. The author, a 7th degree black belt and kyoshi of the international society of okinawanjapanese karatedo, is a renowned pioneer in the analysis and application of karate kata. See more ideas about karate, karate kata and martial arts. Bassai dai, bassai sho, matsumura bassai, tomari bassai etc. Bunkai from patsai bassai dai presented by one minute bunkai from. There are several variations of these kata, including passai sho or minor passai and passai dai or major passai. Shotokan kata bunkai heian shodan watch heian nidan watch heian sandan watch heian yondan watch heian godan watch tekki shodan watch tekki nidan watch tekki sandan watch bassai dai watch bassai sho watch jion watch jiin watch jitte watch chinte watch empi enpi watch hangetsu watch wankan watch kanku dai watch kanku sho watch gankaku. Often referred to as the soul of karate, kata encapsulates the techniques, movements, and spirit of the art. Tomari bassai, bassai sho, itosupassai dai, sho, chibana. In 25 shotokan kata, sugiyama has brought the complex movements of shotokan kata to their simplest form for learning. Challenging timeworn conventions of karate training and revealing the original intent of classical kata or formsthrough detailed descriptions of selfdefense applications known as bunkai, this is a crucial addition to any martialarts library. While there are overall similarities in the structure, and indeed some identical moves, bassai sho has quite a different feel to bassai dai, emphasising balance and quick turning moves, as opposed to the power of the latter. A different take on bassai sho karate kata bunkai bunkai jutsu. This book is essential reading for all those who want to understand the real meaning of kata.

In his book, shotokans secret by bruce clayton, a deeper analysis into the kanji. Passai in okinawan styles and bassai in japanese styles. Jan 19, 2010 shotokan karate kata bassai dai bassai dai, literally translates to storm a castle, major or to penetrate a fortress, major is a kata practiced in shotokan karate and is one of many variations of the passai kata. See more ideas about shotokan karate, karate kata and shotokan karate kata. Bassai dai is the first of two kata in this series and it is one of the longest katas in the shotokan syllabus. Master nakayamas best karate book series is widely viewed as the definitive text. The bunkai applications are also much more complex. Bassai dai is an important kata to shotokan karate enthusiasts.

Thus, it is of paramount importance that one familiarizes, and ultimately internalizes the following core premise since it provide the contextual. The first part of the bunkai blueprint relies on understanding a basic premise, or underlying stipulation, of traditional karate which will dictate the rest of our kata discovery process. Jun 11, 20 moving on to bassai sho at black belt level, the kata is far different. Kata kion, heian shodan, heian nidan, heian sandan, heian yondan, heian godan, tekki shodan, bassai dai, kankudai, empi, jion, hangetsu, bassai sho.

Tome 1, 2 and 3, on which i have always worked, especially tome 3, also this book of shotokan karatedo top katas, which begins with maturity time, key kata of knowledge, kata do or jitsu, and chinte, empi, gankaku, and other welldetailed and wellpresented kata. The kata contained in this book have their roots in the shotokan karate style. May 11, 2008 karate shotokan kata and bunkai bassai sho duration. In shotokan, kata is not a performance or a demonstration, but is for individual karateka to practice full techniqueswith every technique potentially a killing blow. Bunkai from patsaibassaidai presented by one minute bunkai from. Bassai sho penetrating or capturing the fortress small. To understand bassai sho kata bunkai properly, it helps to. Heian shodans bunkai defend yourself with a basic kata. Rather than blocking a bo staff we can see an effective joint lock. A different take on bassai sho karate kata bunkai posted on january 28, 2020 may 9, 2020 by admin the 2 bassai katas patternsforms, bassai dai and bassai sho are thought to have been authored be the martial arts genius, soken matsumura.

This book is brand new, published at the very end of november 2008. In class, everyone had their own input from doing the entire kata with a bo staff, to blocking a bo, to even some jujitsu style application. Bunkai bassai sho karate shotokan avec jeanpierre lavorato. This video looks at the bunkai for the beginning of bassaisho shotokan version. So few people reach black belt, and even fewer get beyond it to really investigate the higher kata. There are two bassai kata, the other one being bassai sho, and although the sho translates to minor, it is taught after. List of shotokan bunkai the practical application of kata. Apr 24, 2015 the seminar covered bunkai for the whole of bassai dai and bassai sho.

The principles for understanding kata were largely unknown. Thus, it is of paramount importance that one familiarizes, and ultimately internalizes the following core premise since it. Ishimine, tomari matsumora, matsumura, chibana, tawada, oyadomari, kyan, motobu, itosu, shotokan, and bassai sho. There are at least 11 versions of passai that approach defense and counter attack in various ways. Hence, passai sho is a shorter variation on passai and also bears some resemblances to bassai dai, indicating this kata may have been born out of combining elements of passai and passai sho. The entire series, not just this book, is a fantastic resource for shotokan karate kata published by user, 11 years ago note. Examining the bunkai, we see a core theme of distributing posture in various way in order to get the enemy to fall. Seen in many different lineages of karate, bassai is sometimes an enigma.

This very old kata can teach us agility, hip movements, strength and the change from fast to slow techniques. This groundbreaking book unveils these methods, not only teaching you how to analyze your katato understand what it is trying to tell you. Bassai shos challenging footwork make this a difficult kata to perform. Bunkai heian shodan this demonstration of bunkai by alexandr matiushevskij, show the deepnes of this fundamental heianshodan kata. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read shotokankata up to black belt vol. Dec 20, 2010 the word bunkai means analysis or to find meaning. The principles and rules for understanding kata are largely unknown. This book acts as complement and comparison to the fortress storming book.

If you dont know why you are doing things in the kata, you cant visualize the opponent, which means you cant be fully effective in practicing the. Bassai sho is the minor form of the two shotokan katas developed from the kata originally known as passai. More information about fiore, the apps and his books can be found on. If you dont know why you are doing things in the kata, you cant visualize the opponent, which means you cant be fully effective in practicing the kata to a realistic level necessary for practical self defense. The seminar covered bunkai for the whole of bassai dai and bassai sho. Schmeisser brings the tekki kata of the shotokan style to life as they have never been seen before. Containing more than 265 photos, the book is divided into chapters that illuminate each of the ten classical kata of gojuryu. Body movement in various kata includes stepping, twisting, turning, dropping to the ground, and jumping. Kata is a method of passing down knowledge from a teacher to a student. This completes the list of all the shotokan karate kata. This handy to carry book on bunkai puts the heian or pinan kata right back on the map, as forms that contain many useful techniques.

The kata focus on the idea of changing disadvantage into advantage by strong and courageous response, switching blocks and differing degrees of power. Bunkaijutsu explains every aspect of the katas and their application in real combat doug james 7th dan iain abernethy has done it again with another excellent book on the application of karate kata. Defense et bunkai, demontre par didier lupo, accompagne par nazih asloun. Bassai dai penetrating or capturing the fortress big. The full dvd and the book are available on the website. Apr 12, 2012 and i have all his books so far in my library. Each has its own similar approach, but several are very direct and filled with evident bunkai. What bunkai does is investigate the real meaning of kata. Sochin, meikyo, chinte, kankusho, wankan, jiin, jitte, gankaku, unsu there are approximately 600 photos and detailed descriptions, which allow a deeper understanding of the kata and their application. The original creator of this kata can not be confirmed, but it is often attributed to master matsumura. Bassai sho bunkai strategies 2012 wk16 kata bunkai oyo koryu. A reference book for karate kata shotokan style ebook written by fiore tartaglia.

Peaceful mind heian karate shotokan kata bunkaioyo kindle. I show possible application examples for the kata bassai sho. It is generally taught to brown belts and black belts, and some groups use it as their examination kata for taking shodan. Read download karate kata applications pdf pdf book library. If you practice other shotokan or non shotokan kata, please let us know. Many other shotokan dojo have added taikyoku shodan to the jka list, which gives us the 27 kata below. Its important to get a good feeling for the blocks and stay well connected to the ground while blocking. Karate tiger karate shotokan and mix of martial arts duration. Bunkai kanku dai this is a summary of some of the practical and effective applications within the kata kanku dai kushanku. The fourth volume of this kata series expands and amplifies the broad spectrum of bunkai the analysis and comprehension of a technique or kata the karate style shotokan. In that book all 5 of the heian pinan kata are examined in detail from the solo performance of each kata, to the two person bunkai sequences.

As the author says no karateka should practise kata that they dont understand, and no black belt should be teaching kata without bunkai. This book is an excellent reference for two reasons. Apr 21, 2015 the seminar covered bunkai for the whole of bassai dai and bassai sho. Even today, many thousands of shotokan dojo practice these 26 kata only leaving out 1.

Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read bunkai of shotokankata for black belt and above. Bunkai kata bassai sho miguel gomez nacarino youtube. One notable point is that bunkai describes it as a defense against a bo. It is a good test of the students ability to make maximum use of hip rotation. The book aims to assist in understanding them better, to get to know the situations when they can be applied, and how to improve them in the daily training routine as well as in grading tests and competitions. Kata shuhari institute advancing traditional karate. It will challenge you in balance, core stability and with its bunkai against.

Kata kion, heian shodan, heian nidan, heian sandan, heian yondan, heian godan, tekki shodan, bassaidai, kankudai, empi, jion, hangetsu, bassaisho. People ignore kata altogether leaving those war dances to us karate nerds. Kata kion, heian shodan, heian nidan, heian sandan, heian. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes, blocks, and throws. It features applications to the moves in bassai sho, bassai dais 2nd degree black belt brother. Bassai dai victoria shotokan karate and kobudo association. Bunkai kata bassai sho miguel gomez nacarino duration.

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